2016 quasimodo blend

2016 Quasimodo Blend

47% Nero d’Avola / 38% Shiraz / 15% Durif

To understand Quasimodo you must venture beyond the surface and explore the inner soul. As individual varietal wines they can struggle for love but when blended together they can sing, shine and bring harmony.

Quasimodo is a unique Australian blend of Nero d’Avola, Shiraz & Durif sourced from the regions of Eldorado and Rutherglen. It’s an amalgam of flavour and colour culminating in a complex rewarding wine.

Brought together from many different ferments with a goal of creating an affable blend built on the of layers flavours these three distinct varieties bring. Nero d’Avola is grown in our home vineyard and brings the vitality and bright red fruits.  The Shiraz comes from a vineyard a short 5 minute drive down a dirt track from our winery perched amongst the boulders of a granite outcrop. This is a painfully low cropping vineyard resulting depth of flavour not attainable from higher yielding vineyards, this component fleshes out the mid palate. The final piece in the puzzle is Rutherglen Durif, dark and brooding the addition of just 15% gives the wine backbone and a subtle lick of tannin through the back palate without overpowering this medium bodied blend. Lightly filtered then bottled August 2017.

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